Brand Executive Network (BREN)


  • Broaden your Horizons by getting connected to a network of professionals that are actively engaged in improving the lives‘ of its members.
  • Access to BREN Annual Business Conference, Seminars, Exhibitions, Digital/virtual fireside chats organized by the Board of Trustees and organisers.
  • Building your business through partnership with prospective business partners
  • Mentoring Opportunities with Industry Leaders, sharpening your skills on industry happenings, trends, pitfalls to stay ahead of your business.
  • Relationship retention; connecting with fellow BREN members via exclusive access to the Members Directory/Article of Association.
  • Access to round table Discussions, sharing views and experience, tuning you to crucial issues that may directly impact your business, its market, and ultimately your businesses growth.
  • Attending Tours, Gaming’s and social events every quarters
  • Access to Membership Pass Card, Member Tags/Lapels/Branded Souvenir.
  • Exclusive rights to enjoy discounts on events and programs, conference fee- Discount fees on media packages, media rates, advertising and others during conferences and forum advocacy